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About Vivienne

Living here on the Gold Coast, I’ve seen a lot of tattoos, and it got me thinking.

After 4 years working in the nursing arena at the Gold Coast University Hospital, I started thinking about having my own independent business.

Yes, it was definitely time to make the move away from big organisations.

I’ve had lots of experience here with the Southport Sharks as the sports trainer, doing sports massage and strapping treatments.

And working up at the mines in Weipa, Gove and Toowoomba.

Not just driving the big, big trucks, but maintaining million-dollar machinery.

And I’ve heard all the comments about wishing tattoos were gone.

Now, my own business here in Ashmore is Gold Coast Tattoo Removal.

l have the great privilege of getting to know my clients and helping them with their goal of removing that unwanted tattoo.

I love learning each person’s story.

And what brings them into my clinic.

You know, I bring my experience in the nursing field (as an AIN).

All you have to overcome is making that call.

Or walking in the front door.

When did you start thinking about removing your tattoo?

You know, once I have a quick look at your tattoo, I can help with all those questions that have been holding you back.

Isn’t it time to love the skin you’re in - again?

Give me a call.

I’d love to talk with you about your options.


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