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Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist Discover Our Range of Services

It's Time to Love the Skin You're In.

- Vivienne Tippett

Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist Discover Our Range of Services

It's Time to Love the Skin You're In.

- Vivienne Tippett


GC Tattoo Removal, Gold Coast

Full or Partial Tattoo Removal

Discover Laser Tattoo Removal. Efficient, accurate, convenient, cost-effective.

Carbon Laser

Rejuvenate your skin. Destroy active acne.

Skin Needling

Plumps up the skin to give you that face lift without the surgery.


Plasma Skin Lift

Know what is Plasmedics and how Plasma Regeneration works


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Why Use Laser for Tattoo Removal?

Results. And Benefits for You.

  • Full or partial tattoo removal

  • Modern, non-invasive process

  • Minimises discomfort

  • Laser means pin-point accuracy.

  • Accuracy means efficiency with your treatments

  • Efficiency means less time spent on tattoo removal

  • Less time = less cost


I can help you with all the questions you need to ask...

Contact me and we’ll make a time for your Free 10 Point Tattoo Removal Checkup and Quote

Will laser tattoo removal work on my tattoo?

What can I expect with my tattoo removal?

How much will I expect to pay?

How many sessions will I need?

What size tattoos can you remove?

What are the limitations?

Where does the ink go?

What can happen if I don’t follow instructions?

What do I need to do to prepare?

How do I know a clinic is safe and reliable?

Need more information?

Check out our FAQs page to read more information.

Hello, I'm Viv. Here at Gold Coast Tattoo Removal, I’m the specialist professional who will work with you.

  • Our Laser Tattoo Removal Process accesses the highest possible standards
  • I am committed to delivering a reliable, consistent, value-for-money service
  • We have a very high success rate*, and a high satisfaction rate
  • And that means my clients trust me.
  • I’m so happy to be in a profession that can help so many people.

You know, every tattoo is unique. To get started, I need to see yours. Call me to check how we can work on your tattoo.

  • Tattoo Removal starts at $60
  • In my experience, every tattoo I’ve ever worked on needs a series of treatments
  • Remember, your tattoo was designed to be permanent.
  • Modern, non-invasive lasers can gently reverse this in most cases*.

Can your tattoo be successfully removed?

Most tattoos can be successfully removed. Can yours? It’s time for me to see your tattoo.


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I'm Vivienne Tippett, and this is my business.

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Did you know:

An increasing part of my work is repairing tattoo removals gone wrong. Resist being impulsive when choosing who removes your tattoo.

My Clinic. Your Safety. Experience, Quality Assurance, Qualifications and Essentials

Did you know...

  • The laser equipment I use is Class 4 Medical Grade Laser

  • It is the best machine on the market today, and it can do the job safely

  • I have Laser Governing Board Licences

  • Professional Insurance

  • Hundreds of hours training

  • I am a qualified AIN – Assistant in Nursing, experienced in working in hospitals

  • Queensland Health licenced

  • Laser tattoo removal is a specialised industry, and a licence from Queensland Health is required to possess and operate the high-powered Class 4 lasers that I use

  • You can ask to see the possession licence for the business, and the individual operator's use licence before accepting their services

We stock and use the amazing range of The Jojoba Company.

The liquid plant extract with a whole host of healing powers. 100% Australian made and owned. Gluten free. Dairy free. Try me!

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Get a FREE Tattoo Removal Checkup and Quote

Everything you need to know about removing your tattoo.

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